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Get your baby's sleep sorted from lock down!



is for you if you can you answer YES to any of these questions... 

  • Are your nights rough or naps a mess?

  • Will your little one only fall asleep when being fed, rocked, bounced, patted, taken for a car ride, in the pram or on you?

  • Are night settles and/or nap settles taking you forever?

  • Are you and your little one waking up multiple times a night?

  • Is your routine challenging and exhausting instead of relaxing and enjoyable?

  • Is your little one a serial cat napper?

  • Are you unsure if and how to wean the dummy?

  • Is your own lack of sleep starting to affect your emotional, physical and mental wellbeing?

  • Are you feeling frustrated, exhausted, and completely overwhelmed?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, our lockdown baby sleep program is for you!

It will equip you with science and psychology based knowledge to confidently get your little one sleeping!

The program is customisable to suit your little one's temperament, family situation and your parenting style!

How does the online baby sleep program work?

The way this program will work is that you will first complete a 2 hour live online training session where you will learn our secrets to help your little one develop healthy sleep habits!

This will take place LIVE Monday 1 February from 8pm - 10pm


*You will have access to the online training for 1 month to watch at your own convenience in case you miss anything or would like to go back. 

During this online training you will learn about:

-The Science of Sleep: How to work with your babies Circadian Rhythm to set your days and nights up for success

- Learn how to establish long stretches of independent night sleep (up to 10-12 Hours) whilst remaining emotionally connected to your little one

-Learn science based settling techniques and strategies that will teach your baby to fall asleep independently (you will be taught about different methods to suit different temperaments and parenting styles)

-How to create the optimal sleep environment

- Reading sleepy cues

- How to overcome challenges at bedtime and nap time

- Learn how to deal with night wakes effectively

- Teach you how to wean unnecessary night feedings

-Teach you how to set up a healthy, flexible routine and schedule

-Discuss naps and how to combat catnapping

-How and when to drop naps

-Tech you how to handle naps on the go

-Tech you how to handle early morning wakes  

- Teach you how to handle setbacks (teething, developmental leaps, regressions, travel, illness)

-Self-care for parents

+ more

​ This Online Program Is:

-A no-cry approach, we do not believe in cry-it-out.

-Breast feeding friendly

-Respectful of different parenting styles

-A guide to empower you to shape healthy sleep habits for your little one

-Created using scientific, evidenced-based research

-Suitable for multiples

-Only suitable if your baby is still in a cot (if your little one has transitioned into a bed, check out our lockdown toddler sleep program)

Our background is in Clinical Psychology and Research! The strategies are evidence based, which means they are based on research and science. They have been used to successfully help thousands of parents and their little ones. ​

The online training is interactive! This will enable you to ask any questions before implementing the strategies and starting the program! You will have access to the online training for 1 month to watch at your own convenience in case you miss anything or would like to go back. 

After the online training you will be invited to a private Facebook community For the first 5 days, you will receive access to daily “Facebook Live Q&A” and then after the first week you will get access to weekly “Facebook Lives” (until end of Feb) where our experts will personally talk you through any concerns, answer questions and troubleshoot any problems.  You won’t be alone on this journey to better sleep, you will also have the support of other like minded parents just like you.

What can I look forward to if I sign up?

  • Having a fantastic little sleeper

  • Being able to better understand your one

  • You will have decreased anxiety around bedtime/naptime

  • You will feel more confident

  • You will have a strengthened connection with your little one

  • You will notice improvements in your little ones wellbeing 

  • Many clients report so many other positive changes like their little one being less irritable, better feeding, conquering milestones and better overall wellbeing

  • Your little one and family will thrive and you will be able to enjoy this time so much more!

Numbers are limited so that we can remain responsive to questions during group interactions, so get in quick!

Get in touch if you have any questions,

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