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We want to help parents understand what healthy sleep patterns look like for babies, toddlers and children and strengthen their knowledge for why sleep issues occur.

Having studied Clinical Psychology we believe in using evidence based strategies to help parents and their baby or toddler.

Every baby is unique and therefore we believe in individualised solutions for each child, to suit each individual and family situation.

When creating our personalised sleep plans we take into account the unique family situation and little one's temperament.  We provide parents with education, support, tailored advice and tips that will not compromise their parenting style.

Our mission is to encourage, educate and empower parents to improve their child's sleep so that they can reclaim the joy of parenthood. 

Our founder has a background in Science, Psychology, Clinical Psychology & Research.

Our consultants are trained in the Sleep Science philosophy and understand the physical and psychological side of babies and children, as well as the incredibly complex biological side of sleep science.

Our consultants are highly skilled and come from a wide range of backgrounds including Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Paediatrics, Nursing, Child Health Nursing and Midwifery. We continue to learn from each other and together make the dream team.

You can trust our growing team of highly educated professionals to provide you with the help, guidance and support you need to improve your little one and family’s sleep!








the Founder& DIRECTOR

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Hello, my name is Jenna and I’m the founder and director of Sleep Science Guru, a premier and multi award winning sleep consulting practice. I am also a Mama to beautiful baby Georgia. 


As someone with a background in Clinical Psychology and undertaking a PhD, this is what I know. I know how important sleep is for you and your little one. I have seen sleep deprivation put parents at risk of developing postnatal depression and anxiety. Through my clinical psychology training and experience I have seen lack of sleep literally steal the joy from parenthood and effect relationships. I have seen clients as well as close friends of mine suffer, and this is where my passion began. I was desperate to find the answers.


As a researcher, I began researching and researching. I found the information and advice out there is conflicting and confusing, it’s hard to know what advice to follow.


I believe in using strategies that are evidence based, which means they are based on scientific research.


I don’t believe in a ‘cookie-cutter’ one size fits all approach, or programs based on age. I believe that every little one is unique, their temperaments are unique, family situations are unique and parenting styles differ.


Sleep is my passion! I believe in giving clients individualised plans and solutions. I genuinely care and it’s an honour to support my clients during this vulnerable time.


I have created some free resources and offer a range of packages to suit all budgets and provide clients with education, support, tailored advice and tips that will not compromise their parenting style.


We would love to guide you on your journey towards shaping healthy sleep habits for your little one.

 meet the dream team



Paediatric Sleep Specialist 

Bachelor of Nursing, Notre Dame

Child & Adolescent Health Nursing, Curtin University



Paediatric Sleep Specialist 

BSc (Psychology) with first class Honours, University of Western Australia



Paediatric Sleep Specialist 

BSc (Psychology) currently completing Honours, Curtin University



Paediatric Sleep Specialist 

Bachelor of Science and Nursing



Paediatric Sleep Specialist 

BSc (Psychology with first class honours) currently completing PhD, University of Western Australia



Paediatric Sleep Specialist 

& Graphic Designer

BSc (Psychology) currently completing Honours, Murdoch University 

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