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Visit 30% OFF code:FIFA2023.This is the second time that I buy coins fut 23. Sure the rest of the clubs fans and the fans of their leagues may purchase them but casual fans won’t, so where do they get the increased exposure from?

Therefore from that what is the license really worth? Do they start asking for more money for the license because of the pay wall? Do they start paying more to be free to pay? It’s interesting what effects this may haveStill can't get my head around that they showed both Messi and Ansu Fati in the Efootball trailer and both were in generic kits and not Barcelona yet they showed other teams like United and Bayern, makes it more interesting that Neymar was in the same kits as Messi and Fati so that suggest to me they aren't allowed to show the psg and Barca kits in the trailer, I know Pique was shown at the Barca training ground but that's what makes this even more confusing when they're using two Barca players in the trailer ?? hopefully FIFA has some sort of shared licence deal

Apparently, it is about all of EA games and Fifa will have a section of airtime, probably just a recap of what we already know and has been shown in the spotlight.

Career mode news today and i couldn't give a ????????. The FIFA name is the only global, original title. Normally around the month of August there is an beta with the new faces. ive seen enough faces to fool me another year

. This thread is committed to just one side of the title, something that EA has their own team for, so we ask that you respect our place and don't post for arguments sake. Bellingham and the haaland rescan gives me hope for more.

Yes some look better than others, but that Bellingham one is the standard of how i expect a Custom to look in 2021 on Next Gen consoles, so EA really need to hit this standard for all the Customs they do!

This is why i'd LOVE a Star Heads Deep Dive / Pitch Notes ??

Talking about everything from the scanning team, who makes customs, what goes into making a Star Head, how long it takes etc. Pinamonte calcio , and other rip off Italian names , Napoli and Roma

5. This open beta is a test

. Definitely going to go now lol.

“This is something which is definitely a fair compromise, taking into the account the interest of sport and the interests of the host countries,” he said.Arsenal’s season can ultimately be put down to a success. That’s enough to ensure a sizable stats boost in FIFA 23 – and a potential summer move, with West Ham, Nottingham Forest and Middlesbrough all said to be interested in the former Swindon man.

For most soccer teams, leagues, and federations, not being included in FIFA could be detrimental and there is an argument that the direct revenues are far less important than exposure and engagement

.If all these Customs are because EA couldnt get to scanning them (yet) then this is great news, so im hoping to see a LOT more. No stadiums for some of the biggest clubs in the world camp nou etc. It is a little glimpse of the engine but it is far from finished.

I know bro i wasn't too fussed to go see them to be honest.”

Infantino defended FIFA’s financial demands on bidding cities and states, which included sales tax exemptions


Why is the Ajax third jersey exincted in the transfer market? Is it exincted only on PS network or EA took it out from the market?

PS: honestly, i find the accurance of jerseys this year such not accurate. Probably getting upgraded, then.

What does it mean for Fifa?

There’s no denying that this is a bigger blow for Fifa than it is for EA Sports. Hundred's have lost their starheads.


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