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[Cerebral involvement in Kawasaki disease]. Six patients with cerebral involvement in Kawasaki disease are reported, of whom one died of transient neurological symptoms. The incidence of neurological complications in the course of Kawasaki disease is 10-13%, and the prognosis is poor. Kawasaki disease should be considered in the differential diagnosis of other acute-phase febrile illness of children. Although the specific treatment, such as an intravenous immune globulin, is effective for the initial episode of Kawasaki disease, some cases of recurrence and refractory cases are still observed.Q: What is an efficient solution for a "similar" 2D array Let's say I have 2d array: [[1,3,4],[2,1,2],[2,2,1]] I have a vector [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9] and I'd like to output the array above to be: [[1,3,4],[1,1,2],[1,1,1],[1,2,2],[1,2,1]] I'll be handling thousands of these arrays so speed is of the utmost importance. What is a good algorithm to handle this type of scenario? A: try this public static void main(String[] args) { int[][] array1 = {{1,3,4},{2,1,2},{2,2,1}}; int[] array2 = new int[8]; for (int i = 0; i Q: Setting up Task Manager in Java I want to get an overview of what thread pools are being used and how they are being used, and what tasks are currently being worked on. I am trying to set it up as a plugin for Eclipse, but I can't seem to get the terminology right. The documentation is very confusing for this purpose. What are Thread Pool Man